Multi-Level Reading, Spelling, Grammar & Vocabulary

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A Comprehensive Curriculum Based on the Science of Reading

Whether you are an experienced teacher or a new homeschool parent, Essentials provides you with explicit, systematic instruction that incorporates the five strands of reading plus handwriting, spelling, and grammar.

Teachers have the option to teach students of different skill levels at the same time.


A Multi-Sensory Approach Adaptable to a Wide Range of Learners

Each Essentials unit includes a wide variety of multi-modality activities designed for students to develop mastery of core concepts. Over three hundred optional review activities are provided to differentiate instruction and meet the pacing needs of individual students.


Includes Three Instructional Levels

Essentials contains three levels to help teachers differentiate instruction based on students' needs and knowledge. Each unit includes core instruction about systematic phonics, advanced phonemic awareness, spelling rules, and grammar. Students then apply the skills to their level of spelling and vocabulary.

Essentials Placement Test available in the Essentials 1-7 Teacher's Guide

Level A begins with one-syllable words such as map, dog, hat, fast, pink. Level B begins with one- and two-syllable words such as grand, drab, mitten, pumpkin, canyon. Level C includes instruction in Latin and Greek roots and begins with words such as contest, contract, abstract, consistent, and insistent.

Which level should your student start with?

Essentials Placement Test

Materials that Can Help You Teach Reading Anywhere!

With options of pre-recorded instructions, printed books, interactive games, and downloadable PDFs, we help you to deliver lessons in the classroom, online, at home, or hybrid and to transition between settings with ease!


Perfect for instruction at home and in the classroom! Essentials Sets contain everything you need to teach reading, writing, spelling, and grammar!


Flexible, accessible, and printable! Essentials PDF Sets contain all the materials of the printed curriculum in PDF!


An online course where we teach and you facilitate! These courses provide instructional videos and digital interactive practice that can be used in any learning environment.


Combine two of the three or use all three to deliver unique instructions tailored to your students' needs! Move between print, PDF, and online as your students complete Essentials.

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Every Unit is Divided into Five Manageable Parts to Help with Pacing and Mastery

Essentials Units are divided into five parts. Instructors can teach one part per day or divide it over several days.

Each unit begins with exploring new essential concepts that build upon skills learned in previous lessons.

Part One: Essential Concepts

Part one focuses on phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, and spelling rules. Students learn the essential concepts that will help them understand the relationship between letters and sounds.

Part two focuses on growing spelling skills through spelling analysis and development of their own sound-to-spelling reference journal.

Part Two: Building Words

In part two, students learn to apply the knowledge they acquired in part one and analyze how words are spelled.

Part three explores differentiated application of new grammar concepts on the essential concepts learned in part one of this unit.

Part Three: Words in Context

Part three focuses on grammar rules and teaches parts of speech. All words, phrases, and sentences used are controlled by the phonograms that have been introduced.

Part four introduces instruction for analyzing morphemes and affixes to support decoding unknown words.

Part Four: Words in Action

In part four, students expand their vocabulary by learning to add affixes and looking at morphemes within words.

Part five reviews all concepts taught in the current unit as well as builds up on previous skills learned.

Part Five: Check Your Understanding

Part five checks understanding so you know what skills your students are mastering and which skills need more review and practice.


Standards Taught in Essentials

“We started Essentials in 3rd grade, and we took our time through the program, completing levels B and C. She is now an excellent speller!  And, her grammar and  vocabulary understanding and retention are commendable. We could not be more happy with the results of Essentials, and I have used several other programs with my other child.I so wish we could bring Logic of English into every classroom.”

Cozette Stepp
Downloadable resources that support the teacher's and students working through the Essentials curriculum.

Resources that Support Instruction and Engage Students!

Our FREE resources are designed to help you deliver quality instruction and help students discover the joy of learning!

By the end of Essentials, students will be confident readers, writers, and spellers!

Teacher's Guide | Student Workbook | Essentials Reader | Essentials Online

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