Older students reading confidently after using the Essentials Reader program

Build Your Students' Confidence

Each text is controlled for the phonograms taught in the corresponding Essentials unit to ensure students are able to decode every word without guessing. Students will build fluency with a variety of texts to apply the phonograms and spelling rules while learning about new topics and building their confidence.

The Essentials Reader is prompted within the scripted lessons throughout the Essentials Teacher's Guide.

Companion components for the Essentials Reader include the Student Activity Book and the Teacher's Guide, both correlated to each Essentials Unit.

Grow Comprehension Skills Needed for Academic Success

The Essentials Reader Teacher's Guide and Student Activity Book include pre-reading, post-reading, and extension activities to activate your students' background knowledge, build reading fluency, and develop the skills needed to comprehend academic texts across various subjects.

The Essentials Reader Set is designed to be used in conjunction with the full Essentials Curriculum to provide all language arts skills in a single program.

Develop Strong Composition and Pre-Writing Skills at the Same Time

The Essentials Reader Set incorporates lessons in note-taking as well as a wide variety of composition activities that help develop your students' writing and reading skills simultaneously.

Foundations Readers

Looking to incorporate additional controlled readers? Foundations decodable readers make excellent practice for students who enjoy fun, youthful, illustrations! Use this tool to incorporate them into your Essentials lessons.

Foundations Reader Placement Tool for Essentials

The entire Essentials curriculum can flex with you and your student!

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