Inside page from the Essentials 8-15 Teacher's Guide

Teach the Core Concepts to All Students

Phonemic Awareness and Systematic Phonics knowledge are foundational to developing strong reading, spelling and writing skills. Every unit provides instruction in these key concepts in order to build on prior knowledge and empower all students to understand and explain the spelling of English words!

Essentials Teacher's Guide offers differentiated instruction within the scripted lessons.

Differentiated Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary Instruction

These guides include three colored-coded levels of differentiated instruction to meet the wide-ranged needs of students. All three levels are controlled for phonograms and spelling rules that have been introduced. The words and concepts of each level build in complexity throughout Essentials, and each unit includes leveled spelling analysis, vocabulary, dictation and grammar activities.

Included in the Essentials Teacher's Guide

Scripted lessons to engage all students, assessments to track progress and games that foster the joy of learning!

All pre-lessons are available in the Essentials 1-7 Teacher's Guide.


Essentials Pre-Lessons provide additional instruction in phonemic awareness and the sounds of the A-Z phonograms for students who need it to prepare for Unit 1 and Unit 2.

Reviewing concepts regularly contributes to how mastery is achieved as students practice to the point of automaticity.

Review Activities

Parts 2-5 include a wealth of built-in review activities to extend instruction and provide additional practice.

Call outs from the Essentials 8-15 Teacher's Guide suggesting tips, offering a challenge for level B and level C students, and optional practice ideas.

Teacher Tips

Throughout the teacher's guide there are teacher tips that anticipate teachers' concerns and students' needs. These tips also recommend different ways that you can enhance your lessons.

Part five offers consistent review points at the end of each Essentials unit correlated with the review activities in the Student Workbook


To complete a unit, students will be asked to check their understanding with an assessment. These assessments help you and your students determine which skills need additional review and which skills they have mastered.

Essentials 16-22 Teacher's Guide and virtual content designed to be paired with the units of the corresponding student workbook.

A Guide With Flexible Pacing

Written for students ages eight to adult, Essentials units are easily adaptable to meet students' needs, ages or attention spans. Corresponding numbering with the online courses makes it easy to extend instruction when students need more practice.

Discover How You Can Teach Any Student With Samples Catered Just for You!

How It Works

Phonogram practice videos available on YouTube

Resources To Support You

From spelling analysis videos to progress monitoring checklists and more, these resources will enhance your lessons!

Free Spelling Analysis Free Phonogram Practice

Want further instructional support? Check out our online courses!

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