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Engaging Practice For Students of Any Skill Level

Our experts have designed Essentials Workbooks to ensure students simultaneously learn to read and write fluently. Through fun learning games and activities like "Phonogram Team Up" and "Root Puzzle," students will learn literacy concepts that easily explain the complex code of English.

Student Workbook and Essentials Reader directions are prompted in the scripted lessons found in the Teacher's Guides.

Various student materials incorporated into Essentials units to support the mastery of language arts skills.

Learn and Master Key Language Skills

Essentials Student Workbooks contain hundreds of games and discovery-based activities that introduce and practice concepts such as basic and advanced phonograms, spelling rules, morphemes, parts of speech, root words and affixes, grammar rules, and more!

Three levels of practical application conveniently located within a single workbook to facilitate differentiated instruction.

Three Levels in One

Each workbook facilitates the teaching of all three levels of Essentials. By providing the pages needed for Levels A, B and C, you can differentiate and flex instruction to meet the needs of your students.

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Build Mastery with the Essentials Reader!

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