Logic of English Essentials Curriculum and Online Components

A tool that helps you facilitate the joy of learning!

The Instructor

The role of the instructor is fulfilled by author Denise Eide, as she prompts engagement from the student throughout core lesson videos, imitating the call and response experience of in-person learning.

The Guide

That's you! Facilitate your students’ development on this virtual learning journey. Monitor your students’ engagement and progress, assist students by clarifying directions and concepts, administer assessments and direct students to review concepts as needed.

The Student

Learn to read and write successfully! Build independence in learning while watching and participating with the video lessons. Learn, practice and review concepts through online games and activities. Ask your guide any questions you have.

Why Use Essentials Online

Delivering video instruction to introduce, reteach or review concepts!

Interactive online video instruction for Essentials Online

Interactive Video Lessons

Video lessons introduce all the skills taught in Essentials printed curriculum using new ways of presenting the concepts and new example words. Videos include interactive activities and engage students with questions as they learn.

  • Phonogram instruction and practice
  • Grammar and vocabulary lessons
  • Spelling analysis
  • Spelling Journal instruction
Online games and student workbook activities

Engaging Games and Activities

Learn, Practice, Play! Developing mastery of the language arts skills as taught in Essentials calls for meaningful practice. Phonogram and decodable comprehension practice, spelling, grammar and vocabulary, and a wide variety of activities, including: drag and drop, matching, hear and type, crossword puzzles, find it, fill in the blank, dictation and more!

Numbering system tying together sections from the teacher's guide with digital components from Essentials Online

Correlated Content

Essentials Online has been thoughtfully designed to align with other Essentials materials. This allows teachers to better combine the formats to serve students’ needs, preferences and environments.

Essentials Online supporting classroom instruction with variety

An Additional Support for Instructors

Whether supplementing your lessons or reviewing core content for an individual student or a group, Essentials Online meets your needs.

Download the Essentials Online Planning Guides

Effortlessly incorporate the online instruction, games, and activities into your upcoming Essentials lessons!

Essentials Online Planning Guides support teachers with lesson planning

Essentials Online supports the learning experienced inside the printed components!

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